No Law Mass (Red Mass) this year in Halston Street Church

Published on October 4, 2021
There will be no ‘Red Mass’ celebrated in St Michan’s Church, Halston Street this year. Fr Martin will offer the intention of this morning’s 10 am for the opening of the law year and for all involved in the legal professions, living and deceased.
The Law Mass (Red Mass) has been part of our Praish calendar form decades and sadly, this year, we are unable to hold it due to a number of reasons. The Mass celebrated is the Mass of the Holy Spirit and the prirests wear red vestments, giving the Red Mass it’s name. The Mass is traditioanlly celebrated on teh first Monday of OCtober to mark the opening of the Michelmas Law Term.
Please God next year, we will be able to welcome the law fraternity into the church once again.